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family grizzly hunts
north of the arctic grizzly
arctic grizzly hunting trip
Beautiful north of the arctic circle grizzlies are a rare and fantastic trophy to add to your bucket list, a arctic grizzly hunt is a fantastic experience that will not soon be forgotten. This bear wandered into a alder patch and went to sleep, we stalked to within a 100 yards of where we had saw him last and waited for two hours, finally the bear came out of the bushes and was sitting on his rump, we watched the bear for awhile and then decided to take him, he then ran straight towards us through the bushes, all we could see in the thick growth was the bushes parting as the bear ran right at us. finally the bushes stopped moving at less than 30 yards from us, we then slowly and cautiously crept into the thick brush to collect our prize trophy.​
Family hunts 

Grizzly hunts can be conducted with a non hunting companion or even two hunters to one guide. This enormous Arctic Grizzly was harvested while foraging for berries as a additional trophy on a three on one guided Caribou hunt. 
Arctic Grizzlies have many color phases, the bear above is called a Toklat due to its chocolate paws, muzzle and blonde body, The bear to the right is also a large male but is mostly chocolate.
Some Arctic Grizzlies are all black. The bear to the right was harvested while digging roots in the middle of august, A normal grizzly hunt consist of sitting on a bump while glassing over berry patches, possible parka squirrel digging areas, and willow bars with fresh grasses and roots. Many have described Grizzly Bear hunting as hours of boredom followed by minutes of stark terror. Our highly trained professional Hunters will ensure you make it home to tell the story to your friends and family.
This nice Arctic Grizzly was harvested on one of our base camp hunts. This bear was engulfed in a berry patch in early September, we also harvested a nice wolverine.
We harvested this bear on a Grizzly hunt in the first week of July while glassing over a known blue berry patch, this hunter also harvested a respectable Caribou Bull as a add on specie in 2018.
We harvested this above average Arctic Grizzly while Hunting Caribou on a two on one father daughter hunt.
We harvested this nice male Grizzly while on a one on one early September Caribou combo hunt.